"Dr. Fike is super. Extremely flexible and understanding. Really cares about what’s right for you and not driven by the mighty dollar!" –Diane M.
"Spent a lot of time to both identify problem as well as fix it right. Never seemed hurried and did a thorough assessment. It was clear that my improved hearing was his #1 priority. Outstanding care and recommend him unequivocally. Well worth the one hour drive one way." –Joseph T.
"This place is literally a life saver for anyone suffering from Tinnitus (ringing in the ear). Accidentally stumbled upon this place while surfing the Web at 3am because I couldn't sleep due to this ringing sound in my ear. I have had this issue for 2 1/2 years, visited well known ENT's in the area only to be told there is no cure (which is true) but was offered no relief. Dr. Fike ran a few hearing tests and offered a hearing aid with a zen type sound that tricks the brain to ignore the ringing sound. I wear the device only at nights when the ringing is prominent. I had my doubts about listening to one sound to alleviate another sound.

Well after only sleeping 2-3 hours a night on average I am so happy to report that this hearing aid device actually works and I have been sleeping all night since I started using it. While it is costly you cannot put a price on a good night's sleep. It is eligible for insurance coverage. I can't thank Dr. Fike enough!!" –Janet J.
"Wife wanted me to get hearing aids for a long time and fortunately Dr. Fike came to our community to discuss hearing aids. Went to his office and got tested and purchased hearing aids. They were custom molded to fit my ears and I do not even realize they are in my ears. If you are thinking about hearing aids, take my advice, and go to Palmetto Family Hearing Center. Go to the best!" –Ralph H.
"Dr. Fike is always willing to spend the time necessary to get the most out of my hearing aids. His staff always works me into the schedule when I have a question.

Can’t beat that kind of customer service." –Ray B.